Posted by: cipanpoke | August 1, 2008

A Trip to Kenyir

At last after a month waiting, i actually get to go to Kenyir Lake last week. Fishing trip! Though im just a rookie anyway, been fishing at small rivers and lakes. it is like a wish came true when one of my colleague asked me if i want to join the trip, and i agreed. Before the trip we manage to gather about 14 people consist of hardcore anglers, rookies like me, and also a few non-anglers aka tourist lol. We rent a boat house for the trip, the boat house which is very common if you go on a fishing trip. its where you eat, sleep, do your business, bath, pray and most important, fishing, as i was told. i couldn’t imagine at first how we can do all that on a boat, so i leave it till i see it for myself.

we set off at 1130am from Paka, the original plan was 1030..janji melayu beb, a few of the group decided to go by themselves and wait for us at the jetty. Now the problem with “i’ll-get-there-myself” attitude is that the result will be either a) will arrive very early or b) very late, and its usually the latter. The road to the jetty was a long one and full off death curve (selekoh maut :P), it took about 1 1/2 hours to reach there from Paka, and the road is very much clear off traffic, although we went past a few kampongs. still, it was a smooth drive. we reach the jetty at 3pm just like we planned, and i be damn at the scenery. the lake was huge! and you know what? the jetty itself is near a hill top! no kidding, its because of the dam the water raise up until it covers most of the lower ground, the ground that you see above the waster is actually hill tops.

jetty car park

jetty car park

The Houseboat for this trip

The Houseboat for this trip

just a few pics i manage to take before i get my gears ready on the boat. And it is what i think it is(see pic) lol not to shabby, just decent. We waited for the others to come like 30 min or so before depart to our fishing destination. the ship captain/tekong said that it would take like an hour before we reach our spot. so we sat on the walkway and enjoy the scenery, a few other picture of kenyir at the end of the post. when we reach the spot its time to cast the lure out. i would not want to talk bout the 2 days at the spot cos i quite disappointed with some of my lure & rapala got stuck and i have to cut the line loose. while there are hardly any fish that took the bait, neither there is any splashes on the surface. it looks like we came to the wrong spot. its not only me with bad luck, even the hardcores didn’t manage to get anything. although we tried using the speed boat to go to other places, but luck wasn’t on our side, looks like i have to settle with small lampams circling the boathouse. the tekong was very nice though, he really makes up with he amount we paid for the boathouse. as for food, there were plenty! first i thought we would be in shortage of supply but we got surplus. the tekong went out and net some fish for dinner, and there were chicken also. luckily one of the “tourist” brought along his wife and there also girls or i should say ladies joined the trip, so the cooking was awesome.

entered the 2nd day, we continued with our bad luck streak. at 12 we make our way back to the jetty, with a dissapointed face on everyone i might add. before we disembark, the tekong brought us to the Herb Island, where they plant all herbs in Malaysia in a single island. though the island isnt that much fun but you can see a lot of those herbs that were use as traditional medicine. there we also this very2 tall tree, you can hardly see the top(see pic).

Can you see the top?

Can you see the top?

Herb Garden

Herb Garden

after about and hour on the island we continue our journey back to the jetty. it was a good experience for me, although i didnt manage to get anything but this only the beginning. i will come back to this place one day (probably end of august :P) and get myself a big fish XD.



  1. Ooo..skrg aku phm nape ko nk tunggu dpt gmbr2 baru nk post =p

    takper..chayo2 tuk next trip~~~ moga2 dpt ikan gemok2 peha dlm seko dua.

  2. hehehe tq2. next trip tu lama lg kot, pas raya gitu. nnt kalo dpt ikan besa aku tunjuk ko pic 😛

  3. ko amik sendiri ke gamba2 ni? cam lawa jer..

  4. oit jep, sila tuka link aku. multiply dh berkubur dh la~ tq 😀

  5. yerp sumer pic ni aku amik gune hp aku jer. tgk org ar, bakat nih hahaha 😛

  6. ping!
    this is a friendly reminder
    sila update blog anda

    time kacih

  7. giler slackers nih. langsung tadak updet nih. aku rasa nk korek pusat ko. updet la kesah camner memikat awek ko tu ker…mgkin leh jd panduan dan rujukan pada teman2 len >_<

  8. hi, do you have the phone number for me to contact the boatman to book my trip in Sep’09 ?

  9. (it might be too late)

    sorry rena, i wasnt the one who arrange the boat

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