Posted by: cipanpoke | June 8, 2008

A very long week

its been a full month for me since the last three weeks, i haven’t had time to blog or the normal chat. And i have been online for almost a week i guess lol. why? the heavy weeks+workshop+training+driving+holiday.

first of all one my colleague took a two weeks leave to follow her husband on a trip, its a family trip so i wouldn’t mind but i have to cover her place. i tot that her work wasn’t as much as mine, but boy was that a mistake i wouldn’t want to do twice. So apart from my current task adding hers would make it double for everything, the headache, the rush, the amount of paper work and also, not to be forgotten the number of cigarettes consumption per day. though i have to admit, with the number of task i have to do, i seldom smoke while at the office, the double rate was at home actually :P. that was a week back, which ended two days before my birthday (which i didn’t remember until the wishes came). owh also Pakceek’s engagement, on 25th may, I promised that i will be there and i am. pics of the engagement can be found at his blog (click the link on the sidebar dont be lazy)

so after that week ended well, the following weekend (30-31 May) i have to attend a workshop in kuantan. two days one night at MS Garden hotel, which was a bang, at first…then it became boring as expected, the good part is the hotel was next to the mall heheh. So after the workshop ended i have to get back to kerteh cos i have to work the next day, but only half day a i have to drive to Bangi for my Skill Group Training at Permata which on 2-3 June, luckily aorund the world, Sunday is a weekend so it wasn’t difficult to stay at Pakceek’s house. although wasnt near to permata but no traffic jam=OK. so after the training ended i decided to take 2 days leave, cos im already half way down to JB, might as well continue driving for another 3 hours and spent the week at home.

so here i am, with back aching, throat soring, nose sneezing, thinking……

damn i forgot to pickup my laundry again



  1. nose tu sneezing je takper..klu dia berlari2 (running2)..tu yg plg membencikan tuh

  2. huhu but still wat pale pening

  3. we demand updates…updates..updatess… (baca ngan nada bergema…)

  4. we demand updates…updates..updatess… (baca ngan nada bergema…)

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