Posted by: cipanpoke | April 10, 2008


I dont know how should I describe my emotion right now, its maybe sad, disappointed, or furious. people do say don’t get ur hopes high as it can hurt u very deep but what can i do? i’m just a normal person not a robot.

This watch has taken my heart, and i’ve waited for its arrival for about one month, but my waiting has ended with a disappointing news. This story begin all the way from last month. I was browsing through searching for sumthing that can interest me and found myself browsing through a thread selling Timex watches. The models were up to date and the price was very tempting, the thread itself has about 40+ pages or so and it is an impressive feat for a seller you know. The seller claimed that he can buy any model showed at Timex website, so i decided to take a look, who knows if theres sumthing that suits me. Then i came across this watch, the type that i like, simple, sporty and one for my age. I asked the seller for the price and after he calculate it, he offer me RM540 for it, damn its a cheap bargain, the official MSRP for the watch is USD225, which after adding shipping cost, convert to RM, and added tax should be around 900+, it was a great deal, and i agree with the offer on the spot. i was happy at that moment, happy as i can be, to get a good watch with just half price. the seller said shipping normally take 2-3weeks, so i agree bcos I’m also in the supply chain business, 2-3 weeks shipping is normal from the States to M’sia. And so i waited, and waited, and waited, after 2 weeks i asked but the watch status and he said its already been ordered. Its probably on the way. the news make me more eager as day goes by, waiting in anticipation that i would received my watch any day now. everyday i would take a glance at my department mail box if there is any sign of a box like shape courier package there, but theres none.

Entering the forth week(last week), i asked the seller about the watch as it should have arrived from US, he gave me a very shocking answer, he said that my watch wasn’t shipped along with the other watches that he ordered. He told me there should be a mistake and give me an alternative as there is a local shop selling the same model but the price was RM875, the price is 50% higher than u offer me u moron . But i dont want that, i have a deal with him and i want him to hold at the end of the bargain, i asked him to check with Timex why in hell was my watch wasnt delivered although the order has been placed. I’ve waited for about a month, its not a problem to wait just a bit longer. I’ve waited in patience, hoping that my watch was missed during the packaging. This week was restless, i cant stop thinking bout the watch, i wanted to ask the seller bout the status on daily basis but i didnt, i trust the seller will come out with sumthing. Until today, all hope hopes was smashed, here’s what he said

Timex said I earned not enough credit/reputation to get this model.
Sorry, I have to refund to you. Or else you can buy my local stock at RM875 (personally I can give you RM5 discount = RM870).….6&T=All&x=0&y=0
Still much cheaper than outside.

what kind of moron is he? he claimed that he can get all the model in the website but now he tell me this? wtf man, and with the rm5 discount? cmon, u can try it with any bloody-pampered-papa’s-boy but aint me. the offer should be of the same price regardless where your sources. try to keep your end of the bargain. and and wtf with the rep point? with the long list of watches he sold on the first post, isnt enough yet? i doubt that any expensive watch store can beat the sales in 5 years. How should i know if the watch in lelong is really from another shop? The item location certainly didnt bear a shop name, he can possibly put my watch up for it, or think that i am tht stupid to buy the same thing from the same person but at different price. Totally wasted my time waiting for so long. fcking bstard…



  1. wow!!..marah nyer abg jep… sabo2… the king of liar kene tpoo…

    bwk bertenang ye abg.. huhuhu

    daku da kembali ke dunia blog bersama blogspot…:P

  2. aku menyelami kekecewaan ko~ jam nyer mmg cumil berseri plak tuh. smoga berjaya jmper mamat tu n silambam dia

  3. huhuhu tu ler, harap2 akak ku dpt jmp jam tu kat US

  4. mmg ar marah kalo dh tggu lama, xkn nk gelak plak? haha
    lg pn post tu pon time tgh bengang uncontrolled anger lol

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