Posted by: cipanpoke | May 21, 2008

I am Ironman

Ironman yeah! FInally a superhero movie with the right actor n the right attitude. i know this is rotten news but hey if u dont wanna read just go to google and surf sumwhere else. It liven up with the cool gimmicks n trailers unlike a bunch of other comic adaptations that you wont even remember it after getting out of the cinema. For me this is what superhero story would be and i wish that Toby could be a close as possible to spider-man sense of humor. There’s a few other lineups of superheroes movies later this year such as The Incredible Hulk, Batman The Dark Knight, Hellboy 2: Golden Army and you can click here for more list.

Ok enough with the movie ramblings the main story is this.

and this

Pretty damn nice isn’t it? well if you’re in a tight budget and cant outlast ur salary until the end of the month don’t bother asking the price (it’s around RM 1k+). This is my first time seeing this scale, never seen anything like it. The Zeta Gundam (the robot) next to it is 1/100 scale, about 25-30cm tall and this dude is bigger than that. Although this is the comic version of Ironman, the movie version will come out somewhere in November. Found it while wandering in Holiday Plaza JB searching for a travel bag for my 360. i knew there was a model kit shop but i never knew this saw this guy (ok, the last time i came is years back). The shop also have much more items now, with reasonable price and apart from model kits the shop’s main attraction is this

and this

a big size poster! for all you movie/manga/anime/games/artist poster freaks this is the shop that you should drop by whenever you stop in JB. This is of course the reprint but the paper isn’t the cheap kind and it only cost RM10! They also have the original poster….however for that, you can get 14 reprints or more. so better stick with reprints its cheap, get a nice frame for it, hang it up, and you can BS all ur friend that thats the original poster cos hell yeah its perfect! It you have a hard time finding a frame this shop can provide you one, like me :D, but the frame is expensive though Rm40 -_-“. This is a nice shop, truly a heaven for those movie goers that have “tonite-i-will-steal-that-poster-from-the-cinema” syndrome. Perniagaan Wuming is the name of the shop, top floor McD side, Holiday Plaza. no camera is allowed in the shop though, i asked the owner permission after my friend bought 7 poster and i bought mine+ frame.



  1. *drooling*….. aku minat hero tuh~~~

  2. ngeh2 bli la 😛

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