Posted by: cipanpoke | April 25, 2008

A rude Wake up call

demmit an emo morning. got a rude wake up call, not from an lunatic credit card promoter nor the irritating DiGi promotion machine, but from my body it self.

Have you ever experience that u pull a muscle on any toe? very painful right? if u think thats unbearable  wait until u pull a back muscle while sleeping, FYI its very damn unpleasant. just imagine…you were sleeping and the next thing you feel is a sharp thug on the low rib section 9am in the morning. unlikely happen it may be, but it can happen. just this morning….

man, i tell u, the pain is excruciating, i rolled on the bed, my hand grab the painful section trying to ease the pain, and i was gasping for breath (its at the mid section of course any movement will make it more painful). i toss n turn for about 2 mins (i guess) before the pain seizes. its like….the longest 2min i’ve experienced, . so…argh, even remember the feeling makes me gasping for breath.

what a good mrng it is. an bcos of that i cant get back to sleep. damn it.



  1. Good Blog. I will continue reading it in the future. Nice layout too.

    Aaron Wakling

  2. mgkin masa tu nk suh ko trus bgn subuh kot >_<

  3. huhuhu kol 9 dah tu

  4. wake up call!!!

  5. somehow enol n aaron comments got stuck in the spam blocker..

    ur guys trying to sell me a purse or wht? lol

    aaron, thx for comment though

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