Posted by: cipanpoke | December 21, 2008

Quicky Post

woah its been a long time i visit my own blog, cant do much after in this working life as the saying goes “so little time, so much to do”.

buttttt bcos im very concern with my “readers” im currently working on another post my 2nd visit to kenyir (sorry jamie, have to pass ur request :P). sorry no photos yet, i lost my HP cable, dunno where i put it. but stay tuned, luv to show u guys the dawn view at kenyir jetty. the post probably up in a day or two, bz with working and gaming and gayut-ing :P. stay tuned~

later dudes & dudets



  1. ohoiii cepat sket post next – mau tgk gamba kenyir!

    stop gayuting for a while, u betrayer! LOL.

  2. dh lama dah stay tune ni ha. takde pun hapdet

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