Posted by: cipanpoke | April 7, 2008

I salute U!

Hehehe what can I say? boys will be boys right? Its from Revoltech Yamaguchi series. This is a Strike Valkyrie VF-1S from the Macross Movie. (plz use wikipedia or the ask the old uncle Google to know further bout Macross Universe).

Bought this simple because I have a 1/100 scale of the same model and its my first 1/100 DIY robot! This model has 13 movable joint to be exact all the way from the head to the foot, it stand also has moveable joint which is very2 nice, and the joint are kinda stiff so no worries bout the pose getting sloppy on the 3rd day. The painting isnt so bad not like those crappy H*sbro Transformers series just some minor smudge here and there but not that noticeable.

There are other models in the series including evangelion(sean you might want to check it out), gundam, also Optimus Prime n Megatron(!!!), dang, it was sold out when i came into the shop. You can check it out at the Hobby shop in Low Yat Plaza, it on the 2nd floor (i guess :P), far on your right when you came up the escalator. Price varies between model, mine was RM72.

-photos taken using my trustee K770i in macro mode-

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stuck in nomansland

“abg bile nk balik?”

i think almost every time i chat with my bro he will ask that Q. giving a simple answer like “i dont know” wont satisfy him, i have to explain from a to z why i cant go back on weekends. the chat below can give a better view.

Naz Rul: abg lek lame lg ke
Jep : agak ar
Jep : tgk la bln 5 ker bln 6 ker
Naz Rul: lmbatnyer
Jep : keje dek
Jep : lg pon terengganu ni jauh
Jep : ujung minggu mana sempat
Naz Rul:
Jep : bertolak pg, ptg smp jb
Jep : pastu pg esok dh blk sini
Jep : tggu ar dpt cuti yg 2-3 ari ker abg blk ar
Naz Rul: oowwhh
Naz Rul: sane pagi ke ptg
Jep : dr sini pagi la
Jep : smp jb ptg

god i do want to go back, but i’m stuck here. it sucks…..

p/s: post this first b4 the Mystery Drive post bcos i still havent received the pics yet. but stay tuned ~

Posted by: cipanpoke | April 1, 2008

First Post~

W00t! just moved from yahoo 360, bcos of certain issues. If u just bump into this place and wondering where the heck is my post, i don’t have any(yet lol) or u can visit my 360 page HERE.

for now i declare this space under construction until further notice (which depends on my idea n mood to think of a design lol)

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